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Special CONGRATULATIONS are in order for S. Carolina Pardo, of Bogotá, Colombia, who graduated with academic honors from the Universidad Manuela Beltrá¡n on April 27, 2012 with a post-graduate degree in Alternative Therapies.  Out of five different Specialization groups in the ceremony, S. Carolina was one of two students singled out for this special honor - we're proud of you, S. Carolina!



On the previous day, April 26, 2012, during a General Assembly of Colombian Franciscan Superiors and their delegates, S. Carolina was named to the National Board of the Franciscan Family in Colombia (an organization comparable to the National TOR Franciscan Federation in the U.S., but also including members of the First and Second Orders.)  Among her new responsibilities, she will be helping to host an international gathering of Franciscan leaders from 22 Latin American countries in league with the New York office of Franciscans International scheduled for early June.  THANK YOU, S. Carolina, for representing us in this way!


Sister Ingrid Peterson is recognized with a book released in her honor! In addition, on May 10, 2012, she will be going to the Medieval Congress at Western Michigan University, where the Franciscan Institute Publications is honoring her for the book.


Her Bright Merits:  Essays Honoring Ingrid J. Peterson, OSF

Edited by Mary Walsh Meany, PhD and Felicity Dorsett, OSF

 Spirit and Life Volume 17


Ingrid J. Peterson, OSF, is distinguished in the field of Franciscan Studies by her work on Clare of Assisi and the women of the early Franciscan movement. This book, a collection of essays on those topics by several of the best scholars in the field, is offered in tribute to Peterson and her academic and scholarly contributions to the study of Clare and the women of the early movement.  


Divided into four parts, part one introduces Peterson, part two takes us into the heart of studies of Franciscan women, part three focuses on how Peterson came to the study of Medieval history and the volume concludes with Peterson's own summation of what she leaves for us to do in this field. 

Sister Anne Walch was featured in the article "Human Trafficking in Minnesota?...The fastest growing crime in our country" in the March 29, 2012, issue of Plainview News. Together with a representative from Mission 21, S. Anne made a shared an overview of this issue, along with statistics, to those attending her presentation at St. Joachim Church on March 7.

Sisters Joan Brown and Carolina Pardo were featured in an article in the March 27 issue of Rochester Post-Bulletin, entitled "Sisters of St. Francis have embarked on a green mission," referencing donations for tree planting in Cameroon through Interfaith Power and Light and the activities that surround Willkapampa in Colombia.  Also mentioned was the Earth Day Walk at Assisi Heights on April 22.

Sister Antoine Murphy was highlighted in the April 7th Rochester Post-Bulletin article "Memories of Mayo are still vivid," sharing her recollections of the Mayo brothers.

Sister Audrey Goldschmidt was the top raffle ticket salesperson in a recent raffle held at St. Mary's in Sleepy Eye.  She sold 318 tickets at $5 apiece!

Saint Marys Hospital Auxiliary Volunteers News and Views publication for March-April 2012 lists the 2012 Award recipients for those completing many hours of volunteer service in the 2011 calendar year.  Among those recognized from our Community:
1,000 hours -
S. Claren Sellner
5,000 hours - S. Rose Gillespie
6,000 hours - S. Corona Malis
7,500 hours - S. Moira Tighe
18,500 hours - S. Antoine Murphy

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