Photo Policy

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Because of the prominence and history of Assisi Heights, as well as its picturesque setting, requests are often made to photograph or videotape on the grounds or in the building. Assisi Heights is the private residence of the Sisters of Saint Francis, located on private property. Since this is not a public venue, we hope you respect and understand our need to limit access. In addition, we wish to limit our public representation to photos on our own web site.


In general:

1. Assisi Heights is not available as a venue for photography reproduced for sale or published on web sites, nor wedding photography. In general, professional/non-professional photographs (wedding, graduation, family groups, etc.) on the grounds or in the building is prohibited. On occasion, special permission may be given only if the person making the request has a connection with the Sisters of Saint Francis [i.e., Sister’s family member or friend, a Cojourner or an employee at Assisi Heights] as long as it does not conflict with any scheduled activities on the property. Please note: the Sister, Cojourner or employee of Assisi Heights must be present during the photography session.

2. Permission for photos may be given if the person requesting has a personal connection with the Sisters of Saint Francis.

3. Those participating in guided tours on Mondays/Saturdays at 2:00 PM may take limited photos only for personal use. The photos are not to be published on websites nor reproduced for sale. No photos may be taken of any of the artwork. Advance reservations for the tours may be made by calling 507-282-7441. There is no fee; however donations are appreciated.


Thank you for your consideration and understanding.


Kathy Gatliff

Director,Communications and Public Relations


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