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What is Spiritual Direction:

Spiritual Direction is a companioning of individuals on their spiritual journey. It is a sacred time in which to pause and reflect on every day experiences in relation to self, others and the Divine Mystery/God. This process is for those who are seeking to deepen their meaning and purpose in life.


When is Spiritual Direction/Guidance helpful?

When you:

  • Experience life challenges, or crisis
  • Transition events such as divorce, loss or death
  • Discern new life decisions
  • Seek ways to find your inner wisdom
  • Seek self-acceptance
  • Need a non-judging, confidential listener

Who are Spiritual Directors?

They are:

  • Trained in an accredited Program of Theology and Spirituality
  • Skilled in listening and discernment
  • Attentive to professional and ethical standards, strict confidentiality

Sisters of Saint Francis Spiritual Directors:



What is the cost?

Each session is by appointment for 50- 60 minutes occurring monthly or on a schedule determined by both parties. *Suggested donation is $40-$60. Financial arrangements are discussed at the first session.
*if cost is prohibitive, this is discussed with the director to agree upon an acceptable amount


How do I schedule Spiritual Direction?

Please contact:
Angie Grimm – Assisi Heights Event Coordinator
Email: ahsc@rochesterfranciscan.org or phone: 507-280-2195

Spiritual Direction
If you are interested in BEGINNING spiritual direction, please complete the information below or call 507-280-2195.
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