Become a Cojourner

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Cojourning describes a unique relationship between individuals and the Sisters of Saint Francis who seek connection with each other for spiritual growth: those with a desire to walk together exploring their lives, mission and ministry in the spirit of St. Francis and Clare of Assisi and our foundress, Mother Alfred Moes.


Why would someone want to consider Cojourning?

"It is an opportunity for a lay person to grow spiritually and form relationships with the Rochester Franciscans." -- Marty Cormack, Cojourner


How do Cojourners participate with the Rochester Franciscans?

  • We attend Masses, enrichment and social events when possible.
  • We serve as committee members.
  • We volunteer with the Sisters in areas of shared interest.
  • We volunteer at Assisi Heights.


'As Cojourners, we not only strengthen our friendships within the community; but increase the presence of the Sisters of Saint Francis throughout our day-to-day activities. The lives of both Sisters and Cojourners are enriched through the shared gifts and faith that each brings to the relationship.' -- Ginni Cormack, Cojourner



Who are Cojourners?

  • Adult, men and women, single and married, vowed and ordained, of various faith traditions and walks of life. They share common values such as belief in God, reverence for life, concern for the poor, care of the earth, and commitment to justice and peace.
  • You need not be a Catholic; men and women of any faith tradition, nationality or creed may become a Cojourner.



How do you become a Cojourner?

  • Make an inquiry
  • Be interviewed
  • Participate in an orientation process with a contact Sister (usually one to two years)
  • Celebrate a Cojourning Covenant
  • Participate in a Franciscan Life Group with Sisters and Cojourners
  • For more information send an email to Pam Captain, Cojourner Coordinator.


What are the obligations?

  • There are no stated financial or legal obligations on the part of the Cojourner or the Congregation.
  • When one has undertaken the process of study and discernment and is ready, a covenant is made between the Cojourner and the Congregation For more information on the steps to become a Franciscan Cojourner, please contact Pam Captain, Cojourner Coordinator: 888-277-4741 (toll free) or 507-282-7441.

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