What We Do

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The Sisters of Saint Francis, Rochester, Minnesota, are active in their local communities. Nearly one-third are located in the greater Rochester area, with members of the Congregation also located in greater Minnesota and fifteen other states, as well as Bogotá, Colombia and Cambodia.


Sisters are active in individual ministries in the areas of: ecology, education, fine arts, health care, hospitality, international missions, therapeutic work, justice and peace, prayer and spiritual guidance, and more. In addition, Sisters serve in various functions in Diocesan and Parish ministries, as well as Administration of the Congregation, including staff positions at Assisi Heights.


A Compassionate Presence...

We would like to introduce you to three Sisters who are the epitome of serving as a compassionate presence, working tirelessly as advocates for those in need, and generously offering their love. Click here to view a video essay on the ministries of (l to r) Sister Joyce, Sister Ruth and Sister Joseen, shown below. This video, "Sisters of Saint Francis - A Compassionate Presence," will inspire you and touch your heart.  Take an 8-minute break to contemplate the true meaning of expressing the Franciscan spirit. You'll be inspired!


Click here for individual stories from our Sisters.

Click here for general information on Individual Ministries.

Click here for information on all Justice and Peace Ministries.


In addition, the Sisters of Saint Francis are engaged in Congregational Ministries, those ministries supported by the work of the Sisters, which include:


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