Human Trafficking

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Summary of the January's Human Trafficking Awareness events in Rochester:


Thursday, January 10 - Rochester Public Library - Showing of the film Lives for Sale, with Sisters trained in Human Trafficking Awareness to serve as facilitators for the questions that followed. (Estimated 150 attendees )

Friday, January 11 - University Center Rochester, Hill Theatre -Following a dramatic presentation by Stacy, a survivor of human trafficking, a panel discussion took place with local leaders and law enforcement officials about issues in Rochester. “It’s Happening Here” was facilitated by Tom Overlie. (Estimated 250 attendees)

Saturday, January 12 - Assisi Heights - Panel discussions continued, centered around the themes of “Challenges of the System” and “Care for the Victims.” Local leaders, support organizations and law enforcement officials were participants on these panels. Dramatic presentations by survivors were designed to challenge your view of those engaging in these practices - are they criminals or victims? Various organizations hosted exhibit tables, and the morning ended with a proclamation read by Mayor Ardell Brede, and a Prayer Service for the Victims in Lourdes Chapel, with dramatic readings by students from Lourdes High School. (Estimated 200 attendees)


Next Breaking the Chain Event is May 18! Click Here for info.



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