Human Trafficking

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htdiscusswHuman Trafficking is a global atrocity that has awakened us as a Community and called us into action.  Through force, coercion and fraud, women and children are sold into sex slavery, while other persons are trafficked for labor. Thousands of persons become victims. This underground industry generates $32 billion in profits each year because persons are re-usable and re-salable.

Our Chapter Directional Statement challenges us to become educated and take action to address the issue of human trafficking.  We are determined to continue working with medical professionals, educators, clergy, law enforcement and local residents, by forming partnerships to help identify victims, prosecute the Traffickers, and educate our communities.


Presenters are available to speak to organizations about this issue:

In Rochester, MN and surrounding areas, call 507-282-7441 and ask for Sister Nancy.

In Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN and surrounding communities, click here to contact Sister Judy.

In Southern California, click here to contact Sister Geneva.


Modern Day Slavery

Another name for human trafficking is Modern Day Slavery. By definition, a victim of human trafficking is one who has been forced, through fraud or other coercive means, into labor or sexual exploitation for commercial purposes. Victims of trafficking are looked upon as commodities because they can be sold and resold, over and over again. Trafficking of human beings is the second largest source of profit for international organized crime with revenue amounting to billions of dollars each year. Persons who are trafficked are mostly women and children (especially those between the ages of 11 and 18) as they are a key target group because of their marginalization, limited economic resources and vulnerabilities. They come from impoverished and low income households in rural areas and urban slums.

Rochester Franciscans have taken the first step by hosting conferences to raise the communities' awareness about human trafficking on the local, regional and national level.



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