Immigration Advocacy

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Primary Contact: Sister Betty Kenny

Who We Are:
The IMMIGRATION WORKING GROUP is part of the Justice and Peace Network of the Congregation. The members are sisters and cojourners from Minnesota, North Carolina and Texas.

What We Do:
Guided by the Directional Statement of the Congregation we work to overcome injustices in the immigration system “by studying, analyzing, and acting on issues that lead to systemic change” as well as by participating in direct actions that aid our immigrant brothers and sisters.

We sponsor and help organize conferences and presentations to educate ourselves and the public on current issues related to immigration.
We hold monthly conference calls to stay abreast of federal and local issues and to plan actions related to them. We collaborate with other groups who are working on behalf of the immigrant population

Examples of Ministry:

Mary Kay Mahowald

After years of serving among the Spanish speaking communities in Peru, Colombia and the USA, Sister Mary Kay lives and ministers on the Border in El Paso, Texas. She is a member of the Faculty of Tepeyac Institute of the Diocese of El Paso and serves on the Board of Las Americas Immigrant Advocacy Center, which offers legal help to undocumented persons and families at affordable fees.  Sister Mary Kay also volunteers at Nazareth-Loretto offering hospitality to newly arrived immigrants.



Betty KennySister Betty Kenny is the Project Manager of Sisters Online, an online ministry for spirituality and social justice. She is an active participant not only in the Immigration Working Group, but in our Human Trafficking, Water and Mountain Top Removal Working groups as well.




Kathy JohnsonCojourner Kathy Johnson from North Carolina participates in actions, such as signing petitions and writing letters to legislatures, to bring about Immigration Reform and protect the rights of the poor. She is a frequent participant in a group called “Moral Monday” which protests at the legislature every Monday in response to their elimination of support for human rights, just immigration practices, and services for the poor.

Besides monitoring activities relative to Immigration and Refugee issues in North Carolina, Kathy went to Colombia in late 2016 with Witness For Peace to speak with Indigeonous and Afro-Colombian groups about their hopes for the Peace Accord. The group then spoke with the US Embassy in Colombia and with the State Department and legislators in Washington, DC about what they saw and heard. Kathy has also spoken to church groups in North Carolina about the Peace process in Colombia.


Please pray with us:
Lord Jesus, teach us to welcome the strangers among us- the immigrants, refugees, people on the move—all sisters and brothers on the journey. We ask that you protect them and provide them a place of safety and a future full of hope. Open our eyes to see their needs and give us the resolve to act as you would act. Amen.


Check the following web sites for more information:
America’s Voice
Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc 
US Catholic Council of Bishops
MN Immigration Law Center

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