Water Working Group

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Primary Contact: Sister Betty Kenny

The Water Working Group has been looking at the perils of water privatization in American cities. We have learned about an attempt to privatize water in Atlanta (GA), Akron (OH), and now another attempt in Highland Park (MI). We are sure there are many more! Water privatization means higher water costs, job losses, worse service, environmental degradation and other problems. 

For the last fifteen years, private water corporations have begun targeting American cities for privatization. Forces supportive of privatization cite economic efficiency as one of its biggest selling points.

If your city is thinking of privatizing its water system, we suggest that the city officials view the award winning documentary film 'The Water Front' which tells the story of one American community standing up for their right to affordable water. The film presents a community in crisis, but it also presents the powerful enactment of local participation to solve the problems of our times Water is a Human Right and a moral issue. Industrialization of the 1950 post-war era cannot continue its manner of consumerism, socialism and capitalism. Climate change, human population growth, GNP and urbanization are some chief vectors of H2O problems.





Positive Actions Everyone Can Take:

Have the will to do what needs to be done.

Remember the dream drives the action.

Be savvy how change happens.The inner world shapes the outer.

Recall: A political action is a global treaty with mutual coercion and agreement.

Experience: What we love and respect, we'll save.

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